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Consignment Guidelines

* We accept gently used and new children’s clothing (newborn through 18/20, juniors & young mens), toys, books and baby/children’s accessories and equipment, sports equipment (cleats, sticks/bats, balls, pads-no helmets, please) and dance attire (no Pointe shoes).

* The consigned price will be at least 1/3 of the price of the original MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) and will be set by My Little Sunshine Children’s Consignment Boutique. Online research will be done to determine the original MSRP. (Example: MSRP=$50, 1/3 of $50=$16.50-40%=$6.60 to be added to consignors account). Any item that is new with tags will be priced 5-10% more than the 1/3 MSRP 

depending on brand and how in demand the item(s) is.

* Consignor will receive 40% of the FINAL SALE price when item is sold.

* ALL clothing MUST be clean, freshly laundered and in gently used to excellent condition with no stains, fading, odors, frays, rips, tears, loose or missing buttons, broken zippers or snaps. Only in-style and items between 3-5 years old will be considered. Items must show minimal signs of wash and wear also. Please do you best to keep outfits together!

*No more than 40 items may be dropped off at one time.

*All items accepted for consignment MUST remain in the store throughout the ENTIRE season.  There will be NO mid-season pickup of your items.  

* Only in-season clothing will be accepted. Spring/Summer clothing will be collected from February 1-May 1. Fall/Winter clothing will be collected from July 15-December 15.

* Beginning July 1-September 30, Spring/Summer clothing will be reduced starting with 20% off, then 30%, 50% and finally 70%.

*Beginning January 1-March 31, Fall/Winter clothing will be reduced starting with 20% off, then 30%, 50% and finally 70%.

*Handmade clothing will not be accepted unless crafted by a local artisan and sold in My Little Sunshine. Local Artisans items will be merchandised together on the sales floor and not within the rest of the inventory.

* All toys, books, and other accepted children’s items MUST be clean, unbroken, ripped, etc. Items MUST be complete or only missing minimal pieces to complete the set. Items such as puzzles, Lego sets, games, etc. MUST be complete. Items that have a factory recall will NOT be accepted. Please check the recall website before bringing any items in. Items such as cribs and car seats/booster seats will NOT be considered for consignment, regardless of expiration dates, condition, etc. Stuffed animals will NOT be accepted as well.

*No appointment is needed for inventory drop off! Consignors may drop items off anytime during store hours, unless otherwise noted. There may be times during the year that I will not accept inventory, mostly at the beginning and ends of each season when inventory is high. I will always post in the store, on Facebook (My Little Sunshine Children’s Consignment Boutique or @MLSchildrensconsignmentboutique), Instagram (#mlsconsignment) and on our website ( when these times will be. 

*Any money earned from the sale of your consigned items accumulates under your account number and NEVER EXPIRES!  As an incentive to use your credit for in store purchases you will receive an extra 15% off purchases for any items purchased at My Little Sunshine Children’s Consignment Boutique. If you choose to cash out your account, a check will be written out to you.


* Items chosen for consignment is at the discretion of My Little Sunshine Children’s Consignment Boutique and is, but not limited to, customer demand, inventory already in store, etc.

* My Little Sunshine Children’s Consignment Boutique is NOT RESPONSIBLE for merchandise that is damaged or stolen while on our premises. Please understand that we do our best to safeguard your items while in our possession.

* I am here to help you! No one gets rich from selling pre-owned clothing! It’s just a great way to earn extra money and clear out your children’s outgrown items!

(pdf coming soon)